Amanda Honer
Registered Wellbeing Consultant
Registered Homeopath & Registered Nutritional Therapist
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Women's health
I have always enjoyed working with women from all ages to support them in their emotional and physical wellbeing including hormonal re balancing from teenage years to post menopause. Life for a woman today is certainly challenging! Being a daughter, sister, wife/ partner or Mother can mean we have several roles to fulfil and our own wellbeing can be secondary.

Hormonal health and our menstrual cycle is fundamentally an important part of our health. Ideally, the menstrual cycle maintains itself, but trauma, shock, grief, relationship difficulties, pregnancy, birth, work stresses, diet….basically life can allow our hormones to become unbalanced and cause considerable physical and emotional distress.

Homeopathic medicine can help to regulate these, sometimes dramatic fluctuations and is a wonderfully effective, natural way to rebalance those hormones and reclaim your health!
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