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I started to see Amanda regularly from last year. Since then, I’ve noticed a change in my overall energy and reduction in my pain due to her ability to recognise my digestive problems and then implement dietary alterations and short term supplement use. My symptoms (I discovered I was suffering with a ‘leaky gut’) are long gone now and I understand how to maintain a better diet so I now don’t suffer with such incomprehensible fatigue too! So pleased I’ve found Amanda, would certainly recommend her!
P. Lothby 08/2019
I have suffered with migraines over the past 38 years. Before the menopause I only suffered about 6 a year but once I hit the menopause they were almost a daily occurrence. I spent four years going to the Doctors and trying other treatments without success but in May 2012 I met Amanda. In only five months the improvement has been unbelievable and I finally feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Amanda, life has improved for myself and my family. My treatment is ongoing but the path to migraine free life feels shorter and I finally feel I have my future back. Thank you Amanda.
S.Terry 10/2012
I came to see Amanda about my depression and my hernia complications. When I decided to look at alternative medicine for treatment, I was rather unsure about homeopathy and what it had to offer. I was surprised to discover that after the second prescription my state of mind felt lifted and I began to look forward to various events in my life where I had previously dreaded them! I certainly wouldn’t call myself depressed today( I no longer take the antidepressants that I had been taking for several years) so I am delighted at the effect it has had on me mentally and physically. My hernia gives me no problems at all now ( I had 3 operations to solve the issue years ago) and I can even lift heavy items without any problem whatsoever. I find Amanda to be professional and yet warm at every appointment and am always happy to recommend her!
M.Taylor 06/2011
I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis over 20 years ago just after I had a motorbike accident where I damaged my hip and knee. I’d been taking medication for my stomach problems and knee pain ever since but my knee pain was becoming much worse. I became exasperated with my GP because he implied that I would have to settle for this discomfort due to my accident and it’s complications. I was encouraged to go and see Amanda for some homeopathic treatment. I thought it was all a load of rubbish really, but decided to try it anyway due to the pain in my knee. I went to see Amanda in April and by July, my knee pain was considerably easier and by September my ulcerative colitis issues were so improved I was no longer needing any further medication from my GP. My work is very physically demanding so I still continue to see Amanda every 4/5 months just to give my system the support it needs. My health has improved so much more than I expected it to since the homeopathic treatment so I’m very glad I decided to try it!
N.Gordon 02/13
At first I wasn't sure if it would work, what I was really doing or if anything would help. I can strongly say that I haven't felt better and Amanda is amazing. I had time to talk, be me, and not feel judged. The remedies have worked with me and not against me and I know if I ever need anything, Amanda is there as a support, both emotionally and physically. I would definitely recommend  this therapy ( and Amanda) to my friennds and family. Thank you for all you have done.
C Beddows  05/13
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