Amanda Honer

Amanda Honer Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant
Registered Nutritional Therapist & Registered Homeopath

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Hello and welcome to my website

Wellbeing in Bath

I hope you find the information here helpful, but if you do have any further questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to contact me at your convenience.

I offer a completely confidential consultation which is your opportunity to share information about yourself and any current ailments in a quiet, safe, space, without fear of judgement. I will offer treatment that is specific to your needs at that time. In other words, some patients may require Nutritional Therapy, some may benefit from Homeopathic medicine and some may require a timely mixture of both. In short, my aim is to guide you towards whatever enables you to move forward in life.

I believe it’s important to respect all useful systems of medicine and have them available to us all, therefore allowing each individual to make well informed decisions about their health choices.

This can sometimes mean a referral to another medical professional in order to help the patient improve their quality of life.

Nutritional Therapy

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Consultations by Zoom or Skype are available.

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What my patients have to say…
  • I have suffered with migraines over the past 38 years. In only five months the improvement has been unbelievable and I finally feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Amanda, life has improved for myself and my family....
    S.Terry 10/2012
  • I was surprised to discover that after the second prescription my state of mind felt lifted and I began to look forward to various events in my life where I had previously dreaded them! ... I find Amanda to be professional and yet warm at every appointment and am always happy to recommend her!...
    M.Taylor 06/2011
  • My health has improved so much more than I expected it to since the homeopathic treatment so I’m very glad I decided to try it!
    N.Gordon 02/13
  • At first I wasn't sure if it would work, what I was really doing or if anything would help. I can strongly say that I haven't felt better and Amanda is amazing. I had time to talk, be me, and not feel judged...
    N.Gordon 02/13
These are the personal opinions of my patients and do not represent evidence.
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amanda honer wellbeing in Bath

Amanda Honer

Please feel free to contact me for any further information or to make an appointment

Direct line : 07740 784911


Member of The Society of Homeopaths

Recognised by the
National Autistic Society

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Achieved Distinction in Mindfulness Diploma Course

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Improve the quality of your life

Contact me
If you have any questions I would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact me on:
Direct line : 07740 784911
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